White Water Rafting In The UK- Wales


Among the many areas of the UK that offer white water rafting courses, Wales is one region that features a fair few places.  The country provides a wide range of locations that can be used by those who wish to raft. A lot of people choose Wales as their place of choice when it comes to water sports such as white water rafting.


Canolfan Tryweryn

This national white water centre is based in Bales located in the North of the country. Since 1986 people have been attending the centre and taking part in water sporting activities. It is known as one of the largest white water rafting UK organisations and one that many choose when looking for a great place to raft. The river plays host to fast flowing waters and raging rapids. Starting from the Llyn Celyn and ending at the River Dee, the 19 kilometres of water is one that any avid rafter should try.



The international white…

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