White House Press Secretary Checks Staffer's Phones to Combat Leaks

A senior White House official tells Fox News White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer attempted to target leakers during a phone check last week.

The phone check happened last Tuesday, where Mr. Spicer called together a group of about 10 people who had been in a previous meeting from which some information had leaked. 

When staff entered the room, Spicer asked them to lay whatever phones they had with them on the table.  Staff were not asked to retrieve any phones that they had left in other locations (office, car, home, etc).

Spicer told the group that he had heard from reporters that some White House staff had been using apps like Confide and Signal – which erase messages after they have been viewed.  Spicer informed the group that apps like those run afoul of the Federal Records Act, which requires that all written communications to and from the White House be…

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