Starbucks’ new Reserve bars push high-end coffee another notch higher

Starbucks opens its first local Reserve bar in a traditional store, testing a mix of high-end and conventional coffee offerings under one roof.

From the outside of the store on First Avenue and University Street in downtown Seattle, the green-mermaid Starbucks logo is as familiar as ever. But inside this Starbucks coffee shop, something new is going on.

On Tuesday, Starbucks is opening one of its regular stores at this busy intersection — but with the addition of a fancy new setup that will serve Starbucks’ high-end Reserve coffee beans, brewed with methods including pour-over, siphon and coffee press.

It’s what Starbucks is calling a Reserve coffee bar, located in one of its traditional, “core” stores.

Starbucks has rolled out the concept in 20 stores in a few U.S. cities, plus an additional 26 internationally. This is Seattle’s…

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