Samsung Galaxy X Flexible Phone Gets Trademarked In Korea; Expected To Release Later This Year

Samsung’s foldable display smartphone has been in the works for long, and the company seems to be coming closer and closer to an official launch of the flexible smartphone.

The company filed a trademark for the device at the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Tuesday, indicating that the phone is on track for a 2017 release. The company has already applied for patents for flexible phone technology, but a trademark definitely gives credence to reports that the device would actually be called the Galaxy X.

The Galaxy X is expected to come in two variants — a foldable one with two inward folding displays and a mechanical hinge with a screen, which would combine to form a 7-inch tablet; and a flexible one, based on a technology showcased by Samsung in 2013, which could double up as a smartwatch and rolled across your wrist like a band.

Both variants are different from…

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