Quilters Guild Lapel Pins Help Strengthen the Bonds of Friendship

Quilters Guilds exist to bring together people who share a love of quilts and quilting. Together members learn from national and local quilt teachers and speakers, and share their work with each other and the community. All levels of quilters are encouraged to join, including beginners.

These guilds have recently turned to lapel pins because of their great look and inexpensive pricing.  Quilter Guild lapel pins come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some pins are used as membership type of pins where a new member receives a pin once a new member class has been completed.

The pin you see pictured here is an offset printed lapel pin.  We were actually able to use the exact photograph of the log cabin that represents their guild.  We print this image onto the face of the pin and then we cover it with a thin layer of epoxy to protect the image.

Some pins are designed to help…

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