Picture Lights – How to Properly Choose the Perfect Picture Lights

There are several standards and principles when choosing a picture light for your artwork. Every artwork is different and thus requires different types of lights. To find the best fit for your artwork, please follow these few simple tips:

Picture Lights for Different Mediums
Finding art lights for oil paintings can be difficult due to the spectral highlights that can be shown when light is directly on the painting. In this case, a broad-based light source is most ideal.

For acrylic paintings, since it does not have the glossy finish and glare problems that an oil painting may have, any type of art light featured here will suffice.

Importance of Size
When choosing art lights, the size and dimensions of your artwork/paintings as well as the picture lights itself are very important. Typically, pick an art light that is half the size of the image (when not including the frame). For…

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