On the Road: Flashing yellow arrow still vexes this driver

Q. I notified you in early October regarding the hazardous condition that the flashing yellow lights for left turners at the intersection of Euclid Street and Valencia Drive presents in Fullerton, and saw your response. I live in the mobile home community adjacent to the intersection, which I use frequently. I still don’t agree that a flashing yellow arrow should be used for this intersection. Only a solid green arrow should be used, due to limited visibility for traffic on southbound Euclid.

– Ed Cohn, Fullerton

A. I reached out, again, to Mark Miller, Fullerton’s traffic engineer to see if anything could be done, Ed. He let me know that the two of you recently met, allowing him to explain the situation. But I’ll provide a brief recap for our readers who might also be frustrated.

The flashing yellow arrow was installed at this intersection back in 2005, in…

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