Ivanchuk Leads Gibraltar Chess Festival and Korchnoi Is Unbeaten

Vassily Ivanchuk and Nigel Short at the start of their game in Round 6.

After a surprising start in which several lower ranked players took the lead of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival, the tournament’s top seed, Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine, took the lead Sunday by beating Nigel Short of England.

Short, who had a perfect score until he lost, was probably not surprised by the result. He said in the tournament bulletin after Round 5 that he had ““a very long shot for winning this tournament, and I say that as someone who has, in my three years here, won it twice, and come second, once.” As he explained, “The tournament has improved and there are some really top class players, and there are a lot of them.”

Ivanchuk has 5.5 points, followed by Short, Victor Mikhalevski of Israel and Daniel Fridman of Germany, who each have 5 points.

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