Is your baby born in May?

Studies show that they could have a higher risk of MS

Is Your Baby Born in May? | Possible MS Risk

Did you know that there is new research that states babies born in May can have a higher risk of multiple sclerosis (MS)? So how is that possible? Well, vitamin D levels and the immune system can vary depending on what month a baby is born. Current research suggests that babies born in May have a higher count of auto-reactive T-cells. These studies believe that excess T-cells are linked to MS.

Now personally, studies that make these kinds of claims make me slightly anxious. MS is a rather debilitating condition. The new research from Queen Mary and the University of Oxford (published March 9 in JAMA Neurology) says that babies born in May had higher levels of auto-reactive T-cells and lower levels of vitamin D. Compared to babies born in November, May babies had 2 times more T-cells.


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