Honk: Getting Orange County’s traffic lights in sync

Q. I believe you once stated that Orange County streets are synchronized, but I know better! I still find myself stopping at way too many red lights! Having spent nearly 28 years in Jacksonville, Fla., I have gotten through many signals without getting dragged down by out-of-sync or renegade signals that kill traffic patterns on main lines. I have figured out that all this red-light stopping here is costing me 7.5 miles per gallon! What is Orange County really doing to get the signals better coordinated?

– Dan Freiberger, Costa Mesa

A. Well, a lot of work has been done tweaking traffic signals, and let’s hope it has helped a lot – $36 million has been spent synchronizing 2,068 intersections since 2008.

“We have a few more in the works,” said Joel Zlotnik, a spokesman for the Orange County Transportation Authority, which is overseeing the massive…

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