Hiding An Alcohol Problem Is Not Safe

Hiding an alcohol problem can be dangerous to the individuals suffering from it as well as others. Scared of the social stigma attached to the drinking problem, people devise ways to hide it from others by acting normal. In addition it can have serious ramifications for driving family or injuring an innocent driver in another car.

Initially, alcoholics may not be subtle about hiding their issues and try to make the problem seem innocent. Gradually, they can become so good at hiding it that it can lead to lying in many areas and manipulation.

How do people Hide an Alcohol Problem?

Alcohol drinkers may hide their bottles in special places in the garage, closets, cars, locked drawers etc.

People may drink when they are all alone in office, home or in between activities while driving.

At family parties sometimes drinkers will mix alcohol with the non-alcoholic ones and pretend that they are…

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