Five Things To Think About When It Comes To Cotton Wax Cord

Are you looking to start making jewelry but not sure what type of cording to use? Here are 5 things you should know about cotton wax cord before you get started.

1. It Should Be Kept Out Of Contact With Water At All Times
The name of cotton wax cord is perhaps misleading – it’s not actually coated with wax at all, but rather with a synthetic alternative that confers many benefits and is inexpensive but is soluble in water. This is usually perfectly easy to work around – and while it will sometimes break it’s far more likely to stretch – but definitely worth making people aware of when they receive or purchase from you anything made of cotton wax cord.

2. You Can Rely On It To Bear A Reasonable Weight
Assuming, of course, that the cotton wax cord is kept dry, it is strong enough to bear any reasonable weight – such as a pair of spectacles dangling from a glasses cord,…

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