Everything You Need To Know About Wineries

A winery is either a building or a property that produces wine. Wineries could also be a business involved in the production of wine, like a wine company. Some wine companies may own many wineries, while others just purchase grapes from a vineyard owner.

The oldest winery in the world to date is a 6,000 year old winery located in the Areni region of Armenia, which, till this day, is still a famous wine making region.


Wineries produce wine from grapes, following the proper winemaking process, which consists of the fermentation of fruit and blending, then aging the juice. Many vineyards also offer tours to guests and have tasting rooms where customers can taste wine before making a purchase.


When most people think of wineries, they immediately associate it with the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley in California, Italy and France, the large and legendary winemaking regions….

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