Cat photo shows cheeky feline getting STUCK in mountain bike frame | Nature | News

The catastrophe ended up getting firmly wedged in the bike frame and needed the combined forces of the police and RSPCA to put the brakes on his ordeal.

A photograph released by the animal welfare charity shows the cat’s predicament with its head and legs jammed after trying to wriggle between the back wheel and chain of the black mountain bike.

The Metropolitan Police called in the RSPCA after a delivery driver spotted the trapped cat in Oldfield Lane North, Greenford.

RSPCA Animal collection officer (ACO) Prisca Giddens explained today how the driver had tried to free the cat but struggled because the bike was chained up outside a house.

He said: “The cat had his head and front legs stuck on one side of the bike frame having tried to climb through the gap between the back wheel and the chain.

“He was completely stuck and the bike was upside down, hanging over a balcony, so I…

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