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Grow your own grapes and you’ll have the best of the bunch

Growing grapes in Britain is nothing new. The Romans were doing it successfully 2,000 years ago as far north as Lincolnshire and in the medieval warm period in about the 1300s vines were again a common crop in this country. Now, with another spell of rising temperatures or global warming, grape-growing is in the ascendancy again. You know things have come to a pretty pass when French winemakers are setting up vineyards in southern Britain. 

It isn’t just commercial wine makers who can jump on the viticultural bandwagon, though. Anyone with a mild, sheltered garden can grow a few bunches of grapes for their fruit bowl.

Choose your varieties with care. Avoid those described as only for winemaking as they will have a very sour flavour. You could choose a dual-purpose grape such as “Müller-Thurgau”, best…

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